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Spring 2014 Offensive Hackathon

Hey Hackers,
It's that time again! Get ready for IEEE ComSoc's Spring 2014 Offensive Hackathon! There will be 30-50 openings for students who want to take on the challenge. There will be food, drinks, and prizes and of course, plenty of hacking. This semester's theme will be slightly different... Instead of pwning a company... This year, someone pwned you. But who...?

Sign up form coming soon! Join the FaceBook event here.

Spring 2014 Third General Meeting

In the modern age, the internet is part of our lives, it controls how we communicate, how we work, how we learn, and even how we think. It is so fundamental to modern living that if it goes down we become lost in a non-information void. But how does this resource actually work: what is the magic that can get data from a server across the world to your computer in the matter of seconds. Come to IEEE Communications Society General meeting and find out, Richard Penshorn will be giving an overview of what makes the internet tick and how you can effect it.


Special thanks to Richard Penshorn for the great presentation! Slides from the presentation can be found here and a replay of the presentation can be found here.

Offensive Hackathon Information

The competition is set to go down on Saturday, November 9th from 12pm-5:15pm in GDC 6.302. 

If you're interested, the Facebook event is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/198794073641823/



11:30AM: Check-in will begin. Please try arrive 30 minutes early so we can get everyone situated and start promptly at noon. 

12PM: Contest will begin                   

12:30PM: Lunch will be served

4:30PM: Contest ends and judges will begin scoring

~4:45PM: Winners will be announced and prizes will be handed out. 



- Laptop: You will be allowed to use personal laptops to access the scoring system and any internet resources you will need. It is encouraged to have a laptop per team member, since there is only one physical workstation for your team. NOTE: The additional computers can only be used for researching information on the internet. It is NOT meant to be used for actively hacking the network. You MUST use the workstation we provide for hacking. 

- Books: Any textual reference material you think will help you through the contest. 



The contest will be scored based on how fast you can solve each level. At the end of the contest the team who completed the most stages will be the winner. Time management and intuition is fundamental to your success. We reserve the right to add or subtract points based on your solution. 



We will be awarding prizes to the team which completes the contest (or gets the farthest) at 4:30PM. As contest judges, we reserve the right to add or deduct points based on performance, exploits used, sportsmanship and fairness. Each stage has two points: static points (which are based on the completion of the level) and time points (which are awarded based on the time it takes a team to finish the level). Based on the number of levels you finish, how quickly you complete each level, consulting fees and any "style" points we award, we will calculate your score. 


During the contest we are challenging you to solve problems you many never have stumbled upon. Each stage has a recommended solution which we will be happy to hint at....for a price of points. This consulting service purpose is to give you hints when you are completely stuck and are unable to continue. We have a wide range of hints which will cost a different amount of points depending on the amount of information. This goes from giving you a tool name to walking you though the actual level. We do recommend the teams to use this service since we want you to learn but keep in mind we won't allow you to depend on this service.



Our core network is hosting and providing support for the whole contest. If you
nd computers on the 10.50.x.x or 10.51.x.x ip range you may mess and hack these as much as you want. You will be allowed  to create any tra
ffic on these sub-nets which will not adversely a
ect the network as a whole. If you a
nd yourself on ,, or public route-able ip, you must report this to the contest judges. We have tried very hard to sandbox each and every team from the UTNet, Our internal ip range, and from each other. Each team is supplied with their own router/
rewall system which will have a couple rules poked though the system to allow our monitoring software on your contest computer. We recommend you not to disable this rule since we will not be able to award style points. Also if you do disable this rule we do reserve the right to enable the rule. If you have any questions about the contest network please ask one of the contest judges and we will be happy to answer if you are safe or not. If we
and any team poking around or disrupting the contest network we will disqualify your team and you will not be able to complete the contest.



You may fi
nd yourself in a situation where you have messed up the contest system where you are unable to continue to the next level. Based on the option of the head judge the contest system can be reset in so your team can continue. Depending on the issue your team may be awarded points back (for lost time) if it was an error on our system. Some exploits can ruin the contest vm if implemented wrong, so make sure you are careful when creating attacks. If you mess up an VM or lock yourself out a contest system we will be happy to restart or image a computer for a price of points. This will be handled on a case by case basis by the head contest judge.




We wish each team the best of luck and we hope to see each person learn something in this contest. If you are interested and want to get more involved in our society, you can join our Facebook group here: 


We would like to thank all of corporate partners for helping us put this contest on. The support of Praetorian has enabled us to put on a (hopefully) wonderful contest. 


Lastly, I would like to thank all of our contest designers for their help and effort in setting up: 

Manuel Philipose

Damon Smith

Tom Mullaney

Richard Penshorn

Kevin Hicks

Gavin Sellers

Daniel Foreman

Mark Judice

Kevin Gilbert

Gilberto Rodriguez

Alex Ionescu

Fall 2013 Fifth General Meeting

Hello guys, 
Join us for our 5th general meeting today (Wednesday, October 30th) with Praetorian. 
Praetorian offers services in penetration testing, application security, network security, mobile security, cloud security, security training, regulatory compliance and more!
The term "white hat" in Internet slang refers to an ethical computer hacker, who specializes in penetration testing and in other testing methodologies to ensure the security of information. War has spread to the cyber realm, and the demand for white hat hackers is growing. An individual can now do more damage with their laptops than ever dreamed of before.
Join Praetorian as they discuss the need for white hat hackers and their role in the growing security industry. 
After that, we will quickly go over some helpful tips for our upcoming security challenge on November 9th (Saturday) from 12pm-5pm
If you are still interested, the sign up page can be found below
There will also be food!

Offensive Hackathon Fall 2013

Offensive Hacking Challenge! No experience required. Come ready with a team of three or four and be ready to hack! 

The competition will be held Saturday, November 9th in GDC 6.302. There will be lunch provided and prizes for the winning team! 

For your first challenge, you must click the link below.


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